September 19, 2011

Gesell recaps official visit

It's been quite a week for Mike Gesell. First he sees his good friend Adam Woodbury decide to join him at the University of Iowa. Then the duo drive to Iowa City and get a weekend full of the rock star treatment on campus, which included high fives and being showered with confetti by Iowa fans. He recaps the trip and the entire experience.

Q: What was it like spending time in Iowa City this time around as a commit?

GESELL: It was a ton of fun. The fans definitely let us know that they were happy to have us. Everywhere we went they were coming up to us telling us that they were glad that we were coming to Iowa. It was great to see all of that support from the fans. Then after hanging out with all of the guys on the team, I know that I will fit in really well with the team.

Q: Not that you had any doubt about your decision, but after a weekend like you had, does it just validate in your mind that you made the right choice?

GESELL: Definitely. When I made my decision I knew that this was where I wanted to go. Now I know that it is going to be extra special, especially since Adam is coming. This weekend I got to know Patrick Ingram too and I think we are all going to play together really well.

Q: It's been a pretty fun week for you. On Wednesday you see Adam Woodbury commit and then come down to Iowa City and get a great welcome. Have your feet hit the ground yet?

GESELL: (laugh) It's been a great week for sure. On Wednesday I went to Adam's announcement and actually did a few interviews there. It was a lot of fun. People were asking me to take pictures with them and everything. Then coming on the visit, it seemed like everyone knew who we were in the entire town. It's a really good feeling right now.

Q: Tell me about the basketball side. What did you see and did you sit down with the coaches at all during the visit?

GESELL: I've already sat down with the coaches a lot, so we didn't do much of that. Basically we just hung out. I got to talk to the training staff and learn more about them on the visit. We were able to watch the guys workout and also got to scrimmage with them for a bit too.

Q: How much fun was it to play some pickup ball with the team?

GESELL: It was a lot of fun. I know I will fit in with those guys. I loved the competition and we got some good games in. Getting to play with the team was a blast.

Q: You also got to see a pretty good football game on Saturday.

GESELL: Wow, it was crazy. The fans were wild during the last part of the game. It was great.

Q: What was that walk like over to the stadium on Saturday with Coach McCaffery and the rest of the recruits? You could probably sneak by a few people if you were alone, but when you are with Coach McCaffery and a 7-footer, it's hard to sneak by anyone.

GESELL: Yeah we kind of stick out. (laugh) We were walking over to the stadium from Carver and all the tailgaters were yelling "Go Hawks" and some were throwing confetti over us and giving us high fives. It was great and fun to see. I love seeing the fan support and it makes me want to work hard. I can't wait to get there next season.

Q: Are you planning return trips to Iowa City this fall?

GESELL: They have told us to come back anytime, but it's a pretty long drive for us. I won't make it every weekend, but we might come back on October 15th. They have a football game that night against Northwestern and there might be some basketball thing going on too. I think Adam and I might come over for that.

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