November 23, 2011

Did Grant sign with SU

Last week the early signing period where prospects could sign their National Letters of Intent ended. One player that Syracuse fans were hoping to sign was Jerami Grant. Did Grant sign his letter to attend Syracuse?

"I did sign my letter and sent it up to Syracuse," Grant said. "It felt great it felt like it was finally over. I know it was over when I committed, but when I signed the letter it was no going back and I had to be 100 percent about the decision made, it felt great."

What exactly was it that put Syracuse over the top for the 6-foot8, 200 pound forward prospect?

"It was the history and what they do with players at my position, things like that. It is a great fit for somebody that has my skills and is a long wing like me. They also have a great coaching staff, so I felt good about it."

When Grant gave his commitment to Syracuse back in September the coaches were excited, but at the same time they let Grant know he has to keep working.

"They were happy and they definitely talked with me for a long time just about my commitment and stuff like that. They told me that they were excited that I was coming, but I still have to work on a lot of stuff."

The recruitment of Grant to Syracuse did not really take off until Adrian Autry arrived back in Syracuse. Once the one time player and now assistant coach had his chance he made Grant a priority.

"Coach "Red" [Adrian Autry] mostly recruited me. I have had a relationship with him since he was at Virginia Tech and when he went to Syracuse it was definitely big. He knew I would be a good fit for Syracuse and he started recruiting me right away."

When the new broke about Bernie Fine at the end of last week did Grant have any thoughts to try and get out of his Letter of Intent?

"That didn't faze me at all," Grant stated. "I have met Coach Bernie Fine before. He was a good man, he was fine nothing out of the ordinary."

As for the current season the four star prospect is excited about his future team.

"I think they have been playing up to their potential. I feel like the season should be great, right now though you can't really say that much about the season because it just started, but they are playing well right now."

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