November 28, 2011

Henry doing his part

Yulee (Fla.) junior running back finished the regular season with 29 touchdowns, two two-point conversions, a field goal and a PAT. He only fumbled the ball twice despite having 244 carries for 2,056 yards, and even played defensively, recording two sacks when moonlighting on the opposite side of the ball for the West Nassau (Fla.) match-up.

The standout athlete contributes wherever he can to help out his team, and as a 2013 Georgia commit, he's already started contributing to help out the Dawgs in any way he can.

Henry said he is focusing on getting better everyday, but also, he aims to make Georgia better by helping out with recruiting, looking to bring in the best-of-the-best to help build the team he thinks can be something special.

"I'm trying to get the top. I'm trying to get (Robert) Nkemdiche on the defense, get Laremy (Tunsil) on the offense, we got Brice (Ramsey), trying to get Tramel (Terry) at receiver, trying to work on (Ahmad) Fulwood from Bishop County," Henry said. "I'm trying to get the whole package so when we go in, Georgia is already rolling, and then when we get there we are coming in with them boys and we'll lead ourselves a national championship."

On his most recent visit to Athens, and his first Sanford game day experience, Henry watched the Dawgs pummel the Auburn Tigers amongst a crowd of top prospects. There he had the opportunity to meet Nkemdiche for the first time and start the process of collecting the best class for 2013 that he can.

"Laremy and Nkemdiche, those two guys, they are both in my class and I was trying to work on both of them. Laremy, I think I could get him, and Nkemdiche, he's a hot commodity so I think I'd just need some time to work on him," Henry said. "I was just preaching to (Nkemdiche) that he is from Georgia so why would he want to leave? He could come and be the face of the defense. I was trying to tell him that if he came and committed, a lot of guys in our class would jump on and a lot would come through with him on board and stuff like that. So I've just been trying to recruit, use some of my skills."

Many people have guessed that Nkemdiche is an Alabama-lock, but he insists that he is open through the process. Despite his close connection with the coaching staff and program in Tuscaloosa, Henry said he thinks he was able to plant the seed that might start to make way for the Dawgs to become a contender for the elite prospect.

"He was listening to everything I was saying. I'm sure he was listening and paying attention, I think, but then from what I said, he would have to take it and really look at it because someone had to talk to him, I think Coach (Mark) Richt or something, so he had to go, but I think I got in his head," Henry said.

Henry doesn't think he necessarily has as much ground to make up with Tunsil, a 6-foot-5, 270-pound Columbia (Fla.) offensive tackle, saying his conversation with the top lineman after the Georgia-Auburn game may be somewhat promising.

"After the game, I was like, 'What are you waiting on?' And (Tunsil) was like, 'You're right, I should just go ahead and do it.' I don't know, he was probably just kidding, I don't know if he was serious or nothing," Henry said. "We had met and talked at The Opening up in Oregon, so I was just talking a lot to him about what he's doing and stuff, but I'm going to keep pressuring him over this process."

Henry and good friend, fellow Florida native and Rivals100 member, [db]John Theus, both hung out before the game in Theus' usual spot on the team bench. Beside them, joking around, was Terry. Terry was part of the Fab Four Dawg night commitment group, along with Henry, Terry, and Camden County junior quarterback Brice Ramsey. Henry said he thinks they will be four once more, definitely by February 2013, and perhaps even sooner.

"Tramel is going to commit again. He will," Henry said. "He was just going through some phases, he was just scared. But he's going to commit again, I think he's going to commit again."

So why is Henry so passionate about the Dawgs program and surrounding himself with the best? He said it is because he sees it from the fan base and the team itself.

"Georgia fans are passionate and even though it was 35-7 they were still getting into it, getting loud, and I'd never heard any of their chants before and I think their chants were sweet. I like them. Especially when they do that kick off thing, where they go like, 'woof woof woof,'" Henry said. "It was fun to get to see them get the win, and the atmosphere was sweet. It was great to see that the crowd was into it, it was a big game and everything. All the players knew what was on the line, and they all went out and played well and everything. They ran the ball real well, passed the ball real well. They did everything. And after the game, that was crazy. They were all crunk and hyped, throwing Gatorade and water and oranges, it was cool to see them celebrating after getting a big win and getting it done. So that was real sweet."

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