February 22, 2012

Confirmation for Riles

A prospect with big time talent rarely goes unnoticed, and should that prospect fly under the radar for any amount of time, his recruitment could take off at any moment.

Archer defensive end Antonio Riles is presently living that exact scenario.

After being relatively unknown until the last two months, Riles has received five offers in the past month, and nothing could have prepared him for the attention he has received.

"I mean, its just crazy, but I'm happy about it," said Riles. "They all started to come in at one time, and I really didn't know how to act. The last three or four weeks have been crazy for me."

Kentucky was the first to offer the rising senior, then Florida, and the offers just kept coming.

"After Kentucky and Florida offered, they have started to come in," said Riles. "Now I have offers from Clemson, Tennessee, and Georgia. All of the offers stand out, and I like all of the schools. I grew up watching Clemson and Georgia as a kid, but I like all of those schools."

Although he grew up a fan of Clemson and Georgia, Riles understands that his recruitment is a completely different story that demands more attention than just watching the team on television.

"Now that I'm older, I have to pay attention to more than just the jerseys," he said. "Things are opening up a little bit more now. "

Georgia and Clemson don't lead for the Peach State defender at this time, but he still remembers exactly what made him like both teams during his childhood.

"With Clemson, I just really liked those colors," said Riles. "Those uniforms were great, and I just remember watching them with James Davis and Dequan Bowers and those guys how they were a good team and all. With Georgia I just liked the whole team. I was able to watch them every Saturday and just grew up with them."

Most of the time, when a prospect is offered, it is a quick, cut and dry event, but when Riles was offered by UGA, it was anything but simple.

"Actually I was talking to one of my coaches, and he asked me if I was aware that I had a Georgia offer," said Riles. "I wasn't aware that they had offered me, but Coach (Rodney) Garner had came to my school and I didn't hear anything about the offer. So I got that clarified (Tuesday), and I have an offer from Georgia."

Riles understands that the Georgia team he grew up rooting for is quite a bit different than the one he sees today, but, in his eyes, it doesn't make them any less impressive.

"They are really stepping things up and getting back on the right track," he said. "They had a great year with the SEC East Championship and all of that."

Most recruits are extremely busy from the time they start receiving offers until they sign, and Riles not only expects it, he welcomes it.

"I want to see it all, really," he said. "I just want to make sure I am getting to know as much as I can. I'm going to take some visits and try to get everywhere I need to go. I'm going to Kentucky this weekend, and, for the weeks after that, I'm going to have to discuss it with my mom and see where I can be."

Playing on Sunday is a goal of almost every recruit in every recruiting class, and Riles is no different.

He, on the other hand, also understands what is most important when choosing where to play his college ball.

"I'm really looking for a place where I can get a great education," he said. "I also want a place that I like a lot so when football season is over, I don't have the potential to get in trouble."

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