November 12, 2012

Kamara staying focused

NORCROSS - Undefeated seasons are rare and few student athletes get to experience them at any level.

Norcross running back Alvin Kamara knew coming into his final season with the Blue Devils that it was a goal he and his teammates could achieve.

After a 56-6 win over Meadowcreek on Friday, that mission was accomplished, and now at least one goal the team made late this summer has been met.

"We talked about it all pre-season. I mean, we preached it," said Kamara. "Doing all the little things right. Just trying to do every thing right, stay in one accord and stay focused. That is what led to our success."

Norcross is on quite a roll as it burned through a highly competitive Region 6-AAAAAA schedule, but Kamara and his teammates know that it is do or die the rest of the way.

"With Chattahoochee coming up next week in the first round of the playoffs, today was the last day that we have a guaranteed game," he said. "That is what we are going into this Chattahoochee game thinking. We have to earn the next game. Nothing is going to be given to us after Chattahoochee."

As one of the top playmakers in the Peach State, Kamara is being pursued by a number of big time programs, but has really laid low since his senior season began.

According to the star play-maker, his lack of focus on his recruitment has been by completely intentional.

"I've kind of really strayed away from my personal life as far as recruiting goes. I'm really just focusing on my team, my teammates, and my coaches and just trying to get this state championship. Really, I've only been to one game this season. It was that Georgia/Tennessee," he said. "I really kind of shied away from taking visits because I'm so focused. All my teammates are really focused on this and I want to be all in with them. I don't want to feel like I'm being selfish and taking all these visits and straying away from the goal."

In an ideal situation for Kamara, he and his teammates will play their way through the Georgia High School Association AAAAAA playoffs, and that would take five more weeks.

Knowing that it could be awhile before the season is over, the four star prospect is starting to give a little more thought to his recruitment to prevent what could be a stressful couple of months after his season ends.

"I'm kind of trying to get some of these officials in. I'm seeing about going to Oregon next week even though it is the first playoff game. I'm trying to see if I can squeeze that in early in the playoffs," he said. "Later, we will see. I might take some official visits after the playoffs. I don't know when I want to commit so I don't know yet."

At this point, Kamara has only been on one campus this season, but he says that none of his top schools have put pressure on him to attend.

Not even the ones who are closest.

"They (Georgia and Alabama) haven't put any pressure on me to schedule one yet. They've put it out there that I can visit there any time," said Kamara. "I mean, Alabama is four hours down the road and Georgia is 45 minutes from me, so I can really do that any time. I'm not real worried about those. Really the west coast schools are the ones I want to knock out."

Although those schools haven't put pressure on the Rivals250 playmaker, they have made sure to stay in contact.

When they call, the message each coaching staff makes sure that Kamara knows how important he is to the current class, and on Wednesday, a member of Georgia's staff gave the Peach State standout a call to let him know where they stand at the running back position.

"Coach (Mark) Richt and Coach (Bryan) McClendon made it clear to me that they want me no matter what," said Kamara. "Coach McClendon actually called me and told me about the situation with Marlon Brown going down, and they are going to go ahead and take two running backs in this class, so if I do plan to commit or end up going to Georgia, they are going to take another running back in this class. He just wanted to make that clear to me."

After receiving that piece of news combined with the fact that another of his top schools, Alabama, has three running back commitments, one might think that Kamara would be a little leery of those two schools.

According to Kamara, that just isn't something that concerns him.

"I don't really shy away from competition," he said. "With Bama having those backs committed and Georgia having those two freshmen this year and wanting to take two in my class, I don't really feel pressured by that. As long as I go in and work and do what I have to do, I feel like I can handle it."

Kamara lists, in no order, Oregon, Alabama, and Georgia as his top three schools, but has made it clear that no team recruiting him is completely eliminated.

With that in mind, Kamara says a Signing Day decision isn't out of the question.

"That (a Signing Day decision) could happen because I feel like I could commit on signing day still be a desired prospect for any school I want to go to," he said.

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