Paus will be the 1 Guy Going into Spring

Casey Paus will be the #1 quarterback going into spring, with Isaiah Stanback
at #2 and Carl Bonnell at #3, according to Keith Gilbertson.
get equal reps and equal opportunities with the first offensive group, and we'll
see who moves the best", the coach said Tuesday.
Gilbertson also says that Washington may try a two-quarterback system, "We've
done it in the past", he said.
Gilbertson says that he's pleased that all three of his quarterbacks can run
the option, "Not equally as well", he said, "I see the competition for that spot
making us better."
It'll come down to who moves the ball, and doesn't give it to the other team.
They don't look all alike, but we're going to ask them to do similar things."