Quotes: UW-OSU

Washington vs. Oregon State Post-Game Quotes
Washington 72, Oregon State 62
Alaska Airlines Arena
Feb. 16, 2013
Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
Because of our turnovers, the game was at least for me a very draining game. We never allowed ourselves to pull away. We gave them 19 points in the first half off of turnovers and they scored 34 in the first half. Aside from that, I thought that in the second half we really defended with exception in transition. A few times, they made substitutions and we weren't organized. Aside from that, I thought we did a good job defensively. They shot 33 percent on the game. They're a good rebounding team, and we out-rebounded them. When we didn't turn the ball over we got good shots at the basket. It's a shame that we didn't take better care of the basketball because that kind of got in the way of what I thought was a much better performance by us.
On fast tempo:
I think that Oregon State is one of the teams in our league that would prefer to play up and down.
On Jernard Jarreau's performance:
After we played Oregon State last time, I made a decision that the next time we played Oregon State that we would play Jernard more. One of the things that hurt us there was their length, and Jernard has length. To Jernard's credit, he came in ready to play and did a very good job against a zone on offense, grabbed seven rebounds-the most I think he's had in any game. I thought Jernard did a really nice job for us.
On defending Nelson:
You can't lose him. We didn't get our hands up a couple of times. I thought that when Scott Suggs was defending him he did a really nice job overall. Nelson got to the line-he's a very aggressive player, he's good at drawing fouls. But after 3-for-16 from the floor, I'm sure he would prefer to have had a better game.
Jr., C.J. Wilcox
On his game today:
It's better than what it's been. There are still some shots that I usually make that didn't go down, but I'll take it. The whole time I just try to stay confident and know that I'm going to make the next few in a row, just staying aggressive. Romar made it a point to give it to me early and I was able to get good looks.
On closing out games:
We've been in those positions before, when the game has been close. We've always known what to do, and sometimes we don't execute it but tonight we took care of it.
On the win:
We can't get too happy about it because they are an 11th place team, but we'll take it to get off that losing streak. It just feels good to finally get one and get off that streak.
Sr., Abdul Gaddy
On the offensive game:
Sometimes we tend to forget stuff on offense and sometimes we try to force things in transition. We make sure that we knew that if we didn't have anything in transition, we're going to run a set or try to get it to our offense and make sure to get a good shot every time.
Focusing off of the Oregon game:
We went into the locker room ourselves. We just talked with each other. We know that we dug ourselves in a hole and the main thing was to come out here and play as hard as we can and just get it done. We knew we had Oregon State coming up. We got the win tonight, so now we're focusing on Arizona and trying to get another one on the road. They are a very tough team so we have to dominate.
On Jernard Jarreau:
[I told him to] stay ready. He hasn't been playing the last couple of games. At practice I told him 'We need you no matter what. You don't have to play the last five games but stay ready no matter what and when you're time comes be prepared'. Today, he played really good and I'm really happy for him.
On Jarreau's jumper:
That is his game. He's a very good player because he's so tall and with his size, he can knock down that shot and he can handle it. He can even run our offense if he really wanted to - that's how skilled he is at his size. That's why I always tell him to stay ready and that you're one of the better players on this team. No matter what happens on that floor, stay ready when you get in.
OSU Head Coach Craig Robinson
On the game being close
The game was close. There were too many mistakes. It felt like we were out of sync right from the beginning. There were loose balls, turnovers, and to be quite honest with you at halftime I was surprised we were right there. I mean it was a lot of turnovers and a lot of missed plays. It just felt like we were out of sync and I haven't had this feeling at all this year.
On shooting 24%
I think you have to give them a lot of credit. They stepped up their defense and we didn't convert on a couple of things and we were trying too hard to make stuff happen without going through our normal strategy.
On being away from home for so long
It's possible (it's a factor) and we have to examine that. Right now I think we're the only team who doesn't go back and forth. It was a long trip but we are big boys. We have practice every day and so I don't want to make an excuse that it was because we were away for such a long time. We have to be able to play well all the time in order to win these kinds of things.
On Barton
It seems like we can get into our stuff better than when he is not on the floor but I didn't feel that today. Today everybody seemed sluggish. I thought Joe played well, I thought he did a great job on Aziz (N'Diaye). But outside of Joe everyone felt out of sorts. I'd have to look at the tape. Last time we didn't let Wilcox get going until later. He got going right at the first play of the game. You can't let him do that. That guy's a pro.
On missed opportunity
The brilliant thing about this season is we are in every game. We can win every game. This is the first time in five years I've felt like that. So every loss is a missed opportunity because I felt like we could win. I'm not trying to be overly optimistic but that's how I feel. Including Kansas, Washington on the road and Cal who's playing well this season.