VERBAL: Local Defensive End Commits to Washington

Washington has received it’s 5th Verbal Commitment.
This time the man of the hour is Moses Lake, WA defensive end Jordan
Jordan told that at around 9:20 pm this evening, he called Husky
Coach Rick Neuheisel to inform him that he wants to accept the offer that
Washington made to Jordan on Tuesday night, thereby giving the coach his verbal
commitment and also giving the thumbs up to to spread the word and
let the Husky Nation know they have a new name to add to the Class of 2002.
Jordan’s name will also be added to the list of Kentwood HS scholars who are
now inhabiting the Husky roster, including RS Freshman Will Conwell and Walk on
Running back John Gardenhire. In addition to Jordan’s name being added to the
list of commits who are local, which up till now has just contained one name,
that of Dan Milsten from Rogers High School in Puyallup.
While Jordan is now a resident of Moses Lake, WA and a Senior at Moses Lake
HS, his roots are on the West Side where he spent the first part of his high
school career at Kentwood HS and the decision to go to Washington wasn’t too
hard, considering one of his closest friends is now a Husky, "Will Conwell would
have been really bummed if I hadn’t come up. Plus, I just bleed purple and gold
and this was my dream to go there and be a Dawg and come out of that tunnel. I
can’t wait!"
And what did the Husky coach have to say? "He's fired up, he said 'that's the
best news I have heard all day!',and he told me to go out and play hard now and
concentrate on school now that I have this out of the way. He seems totally
pumped and sounded a little relieved."
Jordan himself is very relieved, "I can now just focus on my season. It's so
exciting, just a dream come true."
Having grown up around Husky football, Jordan waited patiently throughout the
evaluation process and felt that his reward came when Rick Neuheisel spoke those
magic words Tuesday night and made Jordan his offer.
While Washington State had been making a strong case for Jordan in the
meantime, and Idaho had also stepped up to the plate to offer the kid nicknamed
"Pain Train" early on.
Jordan is more than fit to take his ferocious game of football to the D1
level, at 6-6 245 Jordan has been noted for his aggression and ability to take
over a game on the defensive side of the ball.
Last spring, we first heard about Jordan from Will Conwell, who's commit we
reported in January of 2001 after a long process of decision for the Kentwood
grad, "He's a player", Will told us then, "I am sure that Washington will go
after him and you need to make sure you start writing about him."
When we first spoke to Jordan, he said "I know I will end up at Washington,
it will happen."
Now it has.
"I just want Husky fans to know that I am pumped and can't wait to come out
of that tunnel, I will play hard and can't wait to see them next year with
smiles on their faces and to hear them yelling."
Husky fans can celebrate, Jordan Reffett is a Dawg!