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Huskies not chasing this Rose

Joshua Garnett and Zach Banner have much in common.
They are two of the country's most sought-after offensive line recruits in the Class of 2012.
They both live in Puyallup, Wash.
And another thing they share in common?
They both have experienced the wrath of Scott Rose.
"This guy's good," Banner said.
"The dude's a machine," Garnett said. "He goes against people who are getting recruited by Colorado and U-Dub and he beats them and destroys them but he's not getting looked at by the same people."
Scott Rose is a 6-foot-3, 290-pound projected offensive guard in college. He attends White River High School in rural Buckley, and trains regularly with Garnett and Banner at the Competitive Edge in Puyallup.
Rose's recruiting stock pales in comparison to Banner and Garnett as his only scholarship offer so far is from Holy Cross. Yet he holds his own against the two stars in one-on-one drills, has displayed good technique and is a monster in the weight room.
Where he lacks in comparison is height.
"I was an all-league defensive end last year," Garnett said recently from the Nike camp in Seattle. "I don't think I've ever beaten Scott in a one-on-one except for today when I had to. That was the first time, and I surprised myself. This guy, he's the real deal. I remember when we were at Oregon, there was a team that was an all-Samoan team that was on 60 Minutes, like their national team. They came down to the Oregon camp. And me and Scott were playing guard and tackle together. I'm having my guy. He was pretty hard. And Scott is just taking his guy and pancaking him. Scott is so technical with his footwork. His pass-blocking is so good. He definitely needs to get recruited a lot harder."
Is Scott Rose capable of playing in the Pac-12?
"Yes," Banner said.
So then, why so little recruiting attention?
"When you're coming from the wood works of White River, you can't really expect that," Banner said. "He works hard. He's very charismatic. He's just a straight up good dude. He's somebody we like having around. He's someone we like working out with, someone who I can see go far in this sport."
The secret about Scott Rose is starting to get out.
Although Holy Cross is his only offer, he's been getting more attention from Washington State, Idaho and Portland State. Occidental College, a Division III school in Los Angeles, also is after him.
Rose said that Washington hasn't shown much interest. He figures the Huskies' recent offer to Auburn guard Cory English is an indication of where the Huskies' interest rests.
"Maybe they're looking for a little bigger guy," Rose said.
Rose, who likes the Huskies, isn't complaining. It's not in his makeup. He's happy about the other schools showing interest and is hopeful that his play during his senior year at White River will turn more heads.
And not just those of Banner and Garnett.