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Lee is coming into his own

Marcus Lee hasn't been under a microscope for the past couple of years like so many of the nation's other top basketball prospects. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
No doubt, there's a downside to having scouts and analysts at every event you attend, making notes after every missed shot or turnover.
On the other hand that's the price of success, and success is what Lee is just starting to taste.
The 6-foot-10, 200-pound power forward from Antioch (Calif.) Deer Valley has emerged as one of the West Coast's top prospects from the Class of 2013.
His brother, Bryan Lee, is handling much of his recruitment, and Bryan was gracious enough to speak with UDUBNation.com at length about his summer and the recruiting process thus far.
"Marcus is going out to Vegas next week and then he's done for the summer," his elder brother explained. "He's had a really good summer so far. His consistency just in terms of playing hard has gotten to where it needs to be."
Lee won't be resting even after he's done with the summer basketball circuit.
"He's going to be visiting a lot of the Pac-12 schools he's interested in around August," his brother continued. "He should be up to Washington and hopefully Oregon, UCLA and San Diego State."
Lee, the nation's No. 33 prospect, hasn't narrowed his list down yet and he hasn't started to think about which schools he would like to officially visit yet.
His brother did say they hope to start narrowing his list in the next week or so, but it's difficult because he hasn't had his offers for as long as many other prospects have. Thus, he's playing catch up when it comes to doing research on schools.
The Lee family believes his recent rise can be attributed to his play at the Minnesota EYBL as well as the Nike Global Challenge this summer. Consistency is the name of the game and the rising senior power forward has started to show more of it.
So what does Lee think of the Huskies? His brother was a good person to ask, as he's been in contact with the UW coaches himself.
"I've talked to Coach Romar, Coach Fortier and those guys. They came up last year a bunch of times to check Marcus out.
"They feel like he'd be a great fit for them. They want to go to the post a lot more. They want to pass out of the post more and Marcus is a great passer. They feel like if they go inside and out it will open up a lot for their guards. They like to run and I don't know how many bigs run as well as Marcus. They said they really want to facilitate through their bigs."
So was that message appealing to Lee?
"Marcus is going to have to fit in no matter where he goes," his brother said. "He's not expecting a school to fit him. If they need help in the post he'll do that. Whatever they need, he'll work to give them."
Ultimately, one thing will be more important than anything else when it comes time for the four-star prospect to choose a college.
"Development," his brother said. "He sees how good he can be. He knows there's a lot of potential within him. It will come down to whoever can help him paint the best picture and realize his potential."
When asked which coaches have been at the most events featuring Lee this summer his brother pointed to Washington (who, he said, "has been at everything"), San Diego State, Texas and Texas A&M. Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Boeheim, from Duke and Syracuse respectively, have also started to show up at events.