Mondays notes from Sark

On Monday, Washington head football coach Steve Sarkisian spoke with the media following Saturday's loss to LSU.
Here are some quick notes on what he had to say after the loss and looking forward to Portland State:
OL Erik Kohler had an MRI on his knee Monday morning. Sarkisian said his knee was really swollen and it's a long shot for him to play on Saturday, although he's hopeful it's not a long term injury.
WR Jaydon Mickens has turf toe and was limited in Monday's practice.
WR Kevin Smith was limited at Monday's practice because of his knee.
LB Travis Feeney had an MRI on his shoulder, and they're waiting for the results.
LB Nate Fellner can now run a bit on the treadmill, Sarkisian said.
LB Jamaal Kearse is also getting to the point where he can get on the treadmill, according to Sarkisian.
OL Ben Riva (broken arm) and WR James Johnson (broken wrist including torn ligaments) are still a few weeks out from being able to play.
S Will Shamburger got about 14 stitches on/around his eyelid after getting it cut, Sarkisian said. He also said Shamburger's eye is currently swollen shut, so his availability to play this Saturday relies on whether the swelling goes down and if his vision is impaired.
Sarkisian said he thought their effort was good on Saturday, and it was the execution that wasn't very good. He said that mistakes are then magnified when playing a team of such a high caliber like LSU.
Keith Price had a spirited, energized Monday practice, Sarkisian said.
Sarkisian said he wants to get more opportunities for Jaydon Mickens and Kendyl Taylor at wide receiver and Dezden Petty and Erich Wilson II at tailback.
With Riva out and Kohler uncertain, this is what the starting offensive line looks like according to the depth chart: Micah Hatchie (LT), Colin Tanigawa (LG), Drew Schaefer (C), James Atoe or Shane Brostek (RG) and Mike Criste or Dexter Charles (RT).
According to the depth chart, the starting wide receivers are now Kasen Williams, Jaydon Mickens or Kevin Smith and Kendyl Taylor.
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