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There's a Train a comin..
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Not the usual locomotive though, this one is a high school athlete who seeps confidence in his every word. Jordan (Jordy)

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Reffett has been quiet in terms of the recruiting press, but college coaches caught wind of this prospect some time ago and the word is out; this 6-6, 245 lb. DE/TE out of Moses Lake, Washington (Moses Lake HS) will be one of the sought after forces in the State of Washington this
With 4.8 speed, Reffett is affectionately called "The Pain Train" by his Moses Lake teammates.
Reffett is a prototype DE.
"I am working really hard right now to get my speed up, I should be able to get it to 4.7 or faster. I plan on being a bad man here before too long!"
Reffett has been hearing from Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State and Idaho, and has been offered by Idaho. While he hasn’t received an offer yet, Jordy tells us that Rick Neuheisel from Washington called him this week at home. In addition,
Reffett was one of the invitees to Washington’s Jr. Day. His interest in the Northwest school is not without warrant, "My grandpa is a season ticket holder and he wants me to go to UW bad! Although I would love to be a Dawg. I have gone to every home game since I
was about five. So I would say I am leaning pretty hard there."
There are other factors to consider, however, in
Reffetts strong interest in Washington. One of his best friends is Kentwood’s Will Conwell, who signed a Letter of Intent to go to Washington in February.
Reffett said that he remembers the conversations he had with Conwell when he was trying to make a decision, "He would call me a lot and just keep asking me what I thought he should do. Now that he is there, that makes me lean toward Washington even more."
Reffett is from the West Side of the state and would have been a Kentwood Conqueror had he not moved to Moses Lake. As a starter at Moses Lake, last year
Reffett said his team struggled through a 4-5 season, "You have to remember, the Big 9 is the toughest league in the state these past two years. With two state champs two years in a row. We had some really young starters so it was a tough year. But our Defense was still ranked third in the Big 9, it was our offense that was young."
Reffett was All State and All
"I would say that my strongest assets are that I have good hand contact, a lot of shukin going on. I let the other guy know whose boss. I can see and anticipate and I feel that I can explode with speed".
Reffett is also a Center for his basketball team and knows the value of how the foot skills he needs for basketball spill over into his football game.
I didn’t get to go to UW’s Jr. Day, I would have liked to. I had a funeral to go to that weekend so I didn’t make it."
Reffett was on hand, however, at Washington’s spring game. "I have mostly been talking to Coach Myers, but Neuheisel called this week so we’re beginning to talk. He is very cool."
This summer will see Reffett attend the UW camp and he thinks he will try to go the Combines in Eugene. But there’s no doubt about it, if Washington offers
Reffett, it could be over quickly.
We will continue to bring updates on Jordy throughout the coming months.