Quick Monday notes

At Monday's press conference, Washington head football coach Steve Sarkisian said he's not expecting any of the injuries suffered from Friday's game to be long-lasting.
It was a physical game and guys are banged up, but he didn't seem too worried. He said it's expected to get beat up in in a physical away game. Also, Desmond Trufant is still listed as the starter on the depth chart.
Sarkisian said he would like to put Shaq Thompson at tailback and get more use out of him in the return game because of his explosiveness.
However, the time isn't right with the focus on the defense. Sarkisian said he doesn't want to sacrifice the defense for the offense, and won't just put all the best players on offense just because that's the "sexy" thing to do.
Sarkisian said Bishop Sankey has been playing really well, and it's probably safe to say most people would agree. So far this season, Sankey has rushed for 855 yards in 176 carries and 11 touchdowns.