Quotes from Washington 77 Central 48

Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar
Opening statement:
"I was pleasantly surprised at the energy we came out with tonight given the fact that is has been nine consecutive days we have practiced. You are supposed to take one day off a week and we did that last week. But because we played mid-week and we were behind with that week we had the flue, we wanted to sure some things up. But rule of thumb for us is we never go nine days without a day off because normally things aren't going to go well. So for us to come out and play with the intensity we did in spite of that, I was pleased with the effort."
On things UW didn't do well:
"The thing that was glaring, you could say free throws. Obviously we didn't shoot free throws very well. We didn't shoot the ball particularly well, but again nine days, I don't know if our legs are there or not. Another glaring thing was that we fouled too much. We have got to be able to defend without fouling as much and I think that will come. We have been preaching such an aggressive style of defense that we can get over zealous at times and that has to be better. We can't push up into a guy when he's about to drive."
On Venoy Overton running the offense:
"I thought he did a good job."
On rebounding:
"Down the stretch we didn't do a good job of rebounding and down the stretch we only out rebounded them by five. We have got to do a better job there and I would imagine as Tyreese Breshers gets healthier it will help."
On assessing an exhibition game
"You just kind of get an assessment of where you are. We have nine days approximately before we play again and six practices. We go back and breakdown where we are weakest at and hopefully after nine days you have improved quite a bit in those areas. Then you look at the areas you are strong in and you continue to build on those."
Was there a minute count for Breshers?
"Tonight no, he played just as long as he could go without getting tired. Again, and I keep reminding everyone, he hasn't played in literally a year and a half. He practiced five times tops last season and when he did practice it was for ten minutes at a time."
On small lineup:
"It will happen situationally. I think we do fine that way.
On big lineup:
"I think at that time it was Matthew [Bryan-Amaning], Quincy [Pondexter] and Breshers. At that time we had a surge on the boards. With our team there is a lot of flexibility. If this were a real game that counted we would have gone small for most of the game. But tonight we were just playing different combinations. When we play a team that is really big, we can put that [big] lineup on the floor."
On defensive effort:
"I thought we had a lot of energy, a lot of shots were contested and I thought we rotated well for the most part. We had our lapses but for two and half weeks of practice I thought we did a pretty good job."
On his message to Isaiah Thomas after missed layup:
"Sometimes you just have to remind someone that isn't how we do it. The best way to remind someone is to pull them to the side. Usually, usually that will correct that mistake, usually. But Isaiah had a fine game, he played well."
Husky forward Quincy Pondexter
On what the team wanted to accomplish tonight:
"We just wanted to come out and get better as a team. Give guys a chance to come out and get a real game simulated. Practice, that's just pretty much what it is. We're trying to get better at this time of the year. We wanted to execute on the defensive end. That was our main goal and focus. And, I think it turned out pretty well."
On what they have to work on:
"This time of year we just have to get used to playing together as a team. Finding guys when they're open. Not having it be such a nasty game. When we get more fluid, practicing together more often, playing together in these types of games, our games coming up next week… I think we'll be doing pretty well."
On the new players:
"We all see what they bring to the table. Abdul is a tremendous passer. He plays the game well beyond his years of age. Clarence is a freak athlete and he's only gonna get better and better. CJ he's finding his way, you know, and in a matter of time, he's gonna be knocking down those threes and, he's one of the best shooters I've ever seen. Everytime he shoots it you think it's going in, no matter where it's from. He oculd shoot from out of bounds and you think it's going in 99% of the time. And, then you got Tyreese, and he's a freshman too. He's way similar to Jon Brockman and I think he's gonna have a bright future."
More on Breshers:
"He finishes everything around the basket. He's a garbage disposal. He gets rebounds. He finishes baskets and his stature is incredible because not many guys could do that at that size."
On FT shooting:
"I missed three too. So, something about that popcorn popping. We'll get used to it."
On what coach told them at halftime:
"He didn't tell us to really change much. He just said keep the intensity up. Everything will work itself out if we continue to play hard. Just play Husky basketball - that was the key to the second half."
On whether he's going to work on his shooting this evening:
"I missed three free throws. I think so, yeah. A little bit. Wanna come?"
Husky Guard Isaiah Thomas
"On how it was different without Justin Dentmon and Jon Brockman on the court:
"A little bit. Especially without brock out there. You know him -- he's all over it. Elbowing people, everything, getting rebounds. So, it's a little different, but we've gotten used to it from practice with him not being around. So, it's just a little different, but hopefully, we get it back to where he was."
On team's defense:
"I think we did good. We just gotta calm down on the fouls like coach said. We played with effort. We played hard. It's just on the fouling we gotta come down. Because, good teams, the score would be a different situation with how many fouls we gave them, and how many free throws they had on them. We'll work on it. We have six, seven days of working to get ready for the season opener."
On FT shooting:
"I don't know. It might be first game jitters. I missed my first three. I didn't know what was wrong."
On whether anything about his teammates play surprised him:
"Not really. I mean, we've been around since May, June, July. So, we know the ins and outs of our team and our teammates. It's just a matter of getting better individually, and it's gonna help us a team knowing where people are gonna be at, and knowing where we're gonna get our good shots and bad shots at."
Husky Point Guard Abdul Gaddy
On first game:
"It was fun for me. I was a little nervous at the beginning but that comes with it all. But it was fun, especially to come out with the win."
On toughest thing about first game:
"Just getting used the pace of the game, It's definitely a lot faster than high school. It moves really fast and that is one thing I have to work on."
On defensive effort:
"I think I did pretty good but I'm still improving in that area. That will just come from getting a lot of reps against Isaiah, Quincy and Venoy. I am definitely making improvements from the beginning and coach Romar is working hard with me on that. Defense is what wins games."
On small lineup:
"It felt fine with me and if either one of them gets the ball you just have to fill the lane. If I get the ball they will fill the lane and I will find them. They know I will find them every time."