Stewart Twins to Washington

Loderick and Roderick Stewart have already chosen
to go public with their big news: That being, that they will stay home and
become Washington Huskies..
The Stewarts had planned to make their
announcements on Fox Sports Sunday evening, but late last night, Sandy Ringer of
the Seattle Times reported that the twins have decided to stay local and play
for Washington, Ringer quotes the youngster as saying ""We got a chance to talk
to and play with Romar every day. He got to be like a big brother."
Sandy said that the twins had admitted that the
confession to committing to USC earlier was an attempt to "Throw the media off",
due to constant pressure to come up with answers by many fans, however they told
Sandy last night that this time it's for real.
Roderick and Loderick's father, Andrew Stewart,
says he is supportive of his son's decision, "I will support them wherever they
go", he told recently, but with the coaching change at Washington,
there was still question right up until this week, on Wednesday when the two
decided it would be best to stay home and be Dawgs.
So what will happen on Fox Sports Sunday night?
For now, the Times says it's going to be
Washington. But we'll still tune in, just the same...