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Month's In-State Top 15 -JULY 2002
(with notes on the Top 5)
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1. WR Craig Chambers--6-5,
190, Jackson HS, Mill Creek, WA
*Committed to Washington
Offers from: Washington, Washington
OF NOTE: Craig
continues to hear from other schools, such as UCLA, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.
Craig is tops in our book, in every way.  His upside is enormous and he should
see early playing time at Washington.
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DB Derrick Bradley, 5-9, 180, Kamiak HS, Mukilteo, WA
Offers from: Washington, Washington State,
Oregon, Idaho
Bradley posted the best 40 time at the Husky camp
recently, has tons of upside and could be taken as a defensive back or running
back, his stock will continue to rise in the fall.
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LB Tahj
Bomar, 6-2, 210, Kentwood HS, Kent, WA
Committed to Washington
Offers from Washington
OF NOTE: Tahj just committed to Washington and
has so much upside the Dawgs got a steal. Bomar is in good
shape in that he has the frame to tack on another 25 to 30 lbs. in order to play
at the next level. Neuheisel likes to get athletes; and Bomar is an athlete
before he is a linebacker. This is why he had the early offer from Washington.
His summer performances have been consistant and sharp.
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4. DB Kyle Trew, 6-2,
215, Edmonds-Woodway HS, Edmonds, WA
Offers from: Washington, Washington
Also hearing from: Portland State, Oregon
OF NOTE: Trew is a big, physical defensive back who could fit into the mold of a
Greg Carothers type safety, with more speed. Right now, Trew isn't ready to pull
the trigger just yet, but holds the Huskies high atop his leader
board. He had a strong performance at the Husky camp.
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5. Cody Ellis,
6-0, 170, Puyallup HS, Puyallup, WA
Hearing from Washington, Oregon, Oregon
State, Washington State, Illinois
Ellis could be the biggest sleeper in the state
this year. His camp performances have been outstanding, and he took MVP at the
Washington State camp last weekend after turning coaches heads at the Washington
camp the week before. Ellis is fast, fast, fast. His times at the Nike Combine
in Oregon were consistently in the 4.3 range, while at Washington he posted a
solid 4.5. Ellis is a state champ in track, and has a ton of heart to take on
the field in the defensive backfield or at a receiver position. Film evaluation
was very, very positive. This kid's a burner and a gem.
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6. TE Casey Tyler,
6-7, 260, Edmonds-Woodway HS, Edmonds, WA
Offers from: Washington, Portland State,
Idaho State
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7. OL Brett Thielke, 6-5, 285,
Skyline HS, Sammamish, WA
Offer from Portland StateHearing from: Washington, Oregon State, Oregon,
Arizona State, Portland State
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8. DB Anthony Russo, 5-11, 185, Lakes
HS, Tacoma, WA
Offers from: Idaho
Hearing from: Washington, Oregon, Washington
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9. DE Chad Sutter, 6-4, 275, River
Ridge HS, Olympia, WA
No offers
Hearing from: Washington, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M,
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10.QB Johnny
DuRocher, 6-4, 205, Bethel HS, Spanaway, WA
*Committed to Oregon
Offers from: Oregon, Washington, Arizona,
Colorado, Oregon State, Washington St.
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11. DT Richy Mulcahy, 6-4, 275,
Jackson HS, Mill Creek, WA
No offers
Hearing from: Stanford, Oregon, Washington
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12. TIE DB/QB Jeff Wells, 6-3, 205,
Lakes HS, Tacoma, WA
No offers
Hearing from: Arizona State, Washington, Oregon
State, Nevada
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13. QB Brian Foreman, 6-3, 205,
Skyline HS, Sammamish, WA
No offers
Hearing from: Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon
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14. DB David Lewis, 5-11, 180 Bethel
HS, Spanaway, WA
No offers
Hearing from: Washington, Washington State, Lousiana
State, Arizona
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15. DT Jacob Bouge, 6-5, 255,
University HS, Spokane, WA
No Offers
Hearing from: Washington, Oregon, Idaho
size=1>NOTE: This list was comprised by
updates we have received from prospects, in addition to our usual
criteria which includes division one upside, offers,
caliber of schools who are recruiting them, film evaluations and camp
performance. We cannot rank players which we have received no tape or updates
from during May.
This list changes month by month