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Williams set to enroll at UW soon

Troy Williams is done with high school. He's enrolling early at Washington with the hopes to getting a jump start on his college career, and as you might imagine, it's a bittersweet time.
It wasn't easy to leave behind his family and friends an entire semester earlier than it appeared he would years ago.
"It's going to be tough, knowing that I won't be playing with my friends anymore," Williams told UDUBNation.com this week. "But this is something I've got to do for my future. You've just got to move on."
Williams took his official visit to U-Dub just a couple of weeks ago. Since that time, and even before then, he has been rock solid in his commitment to the Huskies.
And it has seemed like more of U-Dub's commitments are solid compared to weeks ago.
"I think so," Williams said. "I've been talking to guys like Demorea Stringfellow, Joe Mathis and other guys. I think once guys go up there and visit they fall in love with it and they can see themselves there."
The Narbonne quarterback had a chance to work on a few recruits at the Cal State championships recently.
For a while there was some speculation that UCLA might make a late run at Williams. That was when they parted ways with quarterback Eddie Printz.
"They came after me pretty hard for a little while," he said. "But I stuck with Washington because I knew that's where I wanted to be."
Good news for the Huskies indeed. It's not as though Williams is going to shoulder a huge load early. There will be plenty of competition at U-Dub early in his time in Seattle, and probably later on.
"I'm just ready for it," he said.
He followed Washington closely this year and was pleased with the Huskies' late-season surge and the progress of the defense.
"Some of the [offensive struggles] were because the offensive line wasn't that great for Keith [Price]," Williams said. "But we've got some great guys coming in and some guys coming back from injuries so they'll be okay.
"The defense was great. With guys like Shaq and Dez, there are some great players and more great players coming in. I caught a little bit of game against Boise [State] and it was unfortunate they couldn't finish it but I feel good about where they're at."
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